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Dissociative identity disorder has been represented in many films and series, in both serious and ironical ways.

  • In the 1976 television film Sybil, based on the novel by Flora Rheta Schreiber, a young woman is found to have at least 16 separate personalities. The fictionalized case of « Sybil », loosely based on the life of Shirley Ardell Mason, has become the iconic image of MPD/DID for most of the American public.
  • The 1999 movie Fight Club features an unnamed narrator with dual personalities. Edward Norton plays the unnamed protagonist, an « everyman » who is discontented with his white-collar job in American society. He forms a « fight club » with soap maker Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt, and becomes embroiled in a relationship with him and a dissolute woman, Marla Singer, played by HelenaBonham Carter.
  • Me, Myself & Irene (2000) starring Jim Carrey as Charlie Baileygates and Hank Evans, is a slapstick  farce about a man who becomes a « split personality » after suppressing angers and frustrations for years, his new personality ‘Hank’ actively seeking confrontation where Charlie avoided it, their relationship culminating in the two literally struggling for control over parts of their shared body.
  • The 2003 suspense thriller film Identity was directed by James Mangold and written by Michael Cooney, and inspired by Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None. The plot involves ten strangers stranded at a desolate Nevada motel during a nasty rainstorm, who become acquainted with each other when they realize that they’re being killed off one by one.
  • Showtime’s United States of Tara is about a mother of two who actually is diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. Trying integration therapy as opposed to taking medication to « suppress » her other selves (a medical impossibility), she evidences four selves or « alters ». Some of the selves share memories with the others. Her family behaves as if these selves are guests.



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